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How To Block A Bath Drain In Cumbria

Are you experiencing a blocked bath drain in Cumbria? Don't worry! Drainage Cumbria is a professional blocked baths company in Cumbria that provides expert services to help you resolve your blocked bath drain issue.

Blocked bath drains can cause a lot of problems such as overflowing water, spillage on the floor, and unpleasant odours. It is important to address the problem as soon as possible to prevent any damage to the bathroom or the property itself. In this landing page, we will guide you through the process of blocking a bath drain in Cumbria.

The Overflow Drain

The overflow drain is an essential part of a bathtub. It is usually located on the side of the tub and is connected to a pipe that leads to the main drain. The overflow drain allows water to escape if the water level in the tub gets too high. However, it can also be used to block the drain.

How To Block A Bath Drain

1. Locate the overflow drain: Locate the overflow drain on the side of the bathtub.

2. Cover the overflow drain: Cover the overflow drain with an object that is large enough to cover the hole. A flat jar lid or a coffee mug lid will work well.

3. Seal the overflow drain: Seal the overflow drain by placing something heavy on top of the lid. A jar filled with water or a heavy book will work well.

4. Fill the tub with water: Fill the tub with enough water to cover the entire drain.

5. Block the drain: Block the bathtub drain with a drain plug or a cloth.

6. Let it sit: Let the tub sit for a few hours or overnight to allow the blockage to work its way through the pipes.

7. Remove the blockage: Remove the blockage by removing the drain plug or cloth and letting the water run. If the water drains slowly, repeat the process until the blockage is cleared.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

1. Using a flat object that is too small: Make sure to use an object that is large enough to cover the hole to prevent water from escaping.

2. Not sealing the overflow drain: Sealing the overflow drain is crucial in preventing water from escaping.

3. Not allowing enough time for the blockage to clear: Give the blockage enough time to work its way through the pipes before removing the blockage.

4. Using chemicals to unclog the drain: Avoid using chemicals as they can cause damage to the pipes and pose a safety risk.


Blocked bath drains can be frustrating and stressful, but with Drainage Cumbria's expert services, you can resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. By following the simple steps outlined in this landing page, you can block a bath drain in Cumbria without having to spend money on professional services. Remember to avoid common mistakes and to contact us if the problem persists.

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