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How To Repair A Leaking Shower Drain in Cumbria

If you're experiencing a leaky shower drain in Cumbria, then you've come to the right place. At Drainage Cumbria, we have years of experience in handling all types of drain repairs, including those in showers. We understand how frustrating a leaky shower can be, especially when it causes water damage to your bathroom ceiling or any other parts of your home.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to repair a leaking shower drain in Cumbria. These steps are simple and can be replicated with just a few tools and supplies that can be easily obtained from any DIY store in Cumbria.

Assess the Damage

Before you start any repair work, it's important to assess the extent of the damage caused by the leaking shower. Check your bathroom ceiling or any other parts of your home for water stains, mold or mildew. That will indicate how bad the leak is and help you to determine the best course of action to take.

Gather Tools and Supplies

Once you've assessed the damage, it's time to gather tools and supplies that are needed for the repair work. These include a putty knife, pliers, a drain key or wrench, a local waterproof sealant, a screwdriver, and a new shower drain cover. All these items should be easily found in any DIY store in Cumbria.

Shut off the Water Supply

Before you start the repair work, it's important to shut off the water supply to avoid any more water damage. You can do this by turning off the water valve located in your water supply room.

Remove Old Shower Drain

Now that you have all the tools and supplies you need and have turned off the water supply, it's time to remove the old shower drain. To do this, first remove the shower drain cover using a screwdriver or drain key. Once the cover is removed, you will see the drain body. Use pliers to grip the drain body and turn it counterclockwise until it comes loose from the drain pipe.

Clean the Drain

With the old drain removed, it's time to clean the drain. Use a putty knife to remove any old putty that was around the old drain. Clean the inside of the drain pipe and the rim of the drain using a brush and hot soapy water. Use a local waterproof sealant to seal the rim of the drain.

Install the New Shower Drain

With the drain cleaned, it's time to install the new shower drain. First, place the gasket over the drain and ensure that it is seated properly. Then, insert the new drain body into the drain pipe and turn it clockwise until it is hand-tight. Use pliers to further tighten the drain body.

Install the Drain Cover

With the new shower drain installed, it's time to install the drain cover. Place the drain cover over the drain body and use a screwdriver or drain key to tighten the screws. Make sure that the cover is seated properly and securely.

Test for Leaks

Now that the new shower drain is in place, it's time to test for leaks. Turn on the water supply and let it run for a few minutes. Check the drain and surrounding area for any signs of leaks. If there are no leaks, then you have successfully repaired your leaky shower drain.


Repairing a leaking shower drain in Cumbria is a simple process that can be done with the right tools and supplies. By following the above steps, you can save yourself from costly repairs caused by water damage to your bathroom ceiling or any other parts of your home. At Drainage Cumbria, we are always available to offer professional advice and services for your drain repair needs in Cumbria and the North West of England. If you have any questions or need assistance with any drain repair, contact Drainage Cumbria at 01228 734162 or email us at [email protected].

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