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How To Repair Concrete Storm Drain Pipe In Cumbria

Are you experiencing issues with water ingress and leaking from your storm drain pipes in Cumbria? Look no further, as Drainage Cumbria is here to provide you with expert solutions and services for all your drainage repair needs.

Who are Drainage Cumbria?

Drainage Cumbria is a leading drain repair company in Cumbria, providing instant access to thousands of videos, reviews, design, and member get instant access to our tools and videos. Our Terms of Service include lining, ingress, water ingress, constructed ingress, usual work on 1200mm joints, sealing joints, and addressing issues with joints that tend to fail.

We also offer a lining patch and repair service for your concrete and plastic storm drain pipes of all sizes - large and small. We have the required expertise to repair both traditional-style and modern pipe systems, ensuring that your estate, building, or home water and pipe needs are taken care of.

What is a concrete storm drain pipe?

A concrete storm drain pipe is a water system that collects rainwater and drains it away from roads, buildings, and other areas where it is not wanted. It is constructed from concrete, which is a basic material that can be easily shaped and molded, making it ideal for creating large-diameter pipes that can handle large amounts of water.

What are the usual issues with storm drain pipes in Cumbria?

Storm drain pipes in Cumbria can experience issues with water ingress, leading to leaks and flooding in the pipe system. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including cracked concrete or plastic pipes, joint separation, pipe displacement, and other issues.

What are the solutions provided by Drainage Cumbria?

At Drainage Cumbria, we understand the importance of a well-functioning drainage system, which is why we provide expert solutions and services for repairing storm drain pipes in Cumbria. Our team of experts can assess the issues with your pipe system and recommend the best course of repair to get your drainage up and running again.

We provide a lining and patching service that addresses cracks and leaks in your storm drain pipes. This ensures that water ingress is kept at bay, and your pipe system is restored to its original working condition. We also provide joint sealing services to prevent future issues with joint separation, which is a common problem with concrete pipes.

Our services are not just limited to storm drain pipes. We also lend our expertise in repairing plastic pipes and other pipe systems of all sizes. We offer a lot of solutions and materials to accommodate all lot sizes and views, including walled gardens and spacious private areas, making us the go-to company for all your drain repair needs.

How to get in touch with Drainage Cumbria?

It's easy to get in touch with the Drainage Cumbria team. You can call us on our phone number at 01228 734162 or email us at [email protected]. You can also visit our website at to get complete information about our services, get access to videos and codes, or get expert advice from our experienced mason, Mason Mike.


Overall, Drainage Cumbria is a leading drain repair company in Cumbria providing expert solutions and services for all your drain repair needs. Our experienced team of professionals can assess the issues with your storm drain pipes and provide the best course of repair, ensuring that your drainage system is up and running again. Get in touch with us today for an overview of your current building codes and to create a solution that fits your needs.

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