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How To Repair A Washing Machine Drain Hose In Cumbria

When it comes to doing laundry, a washing machine is an essential appliance in every home. However, just like any other appliance, washing machines are prone to wear and tear over time. One of the common issues that arise in washing machines is a leaking drain hose. This can cause water leakage, which results in water damage to your floors and walls.

If you're a resident in Cumbria, you're in luck. Drainage Cumbria is a drain repairs company that has been serving the Cumbria area for years. We offer a range of services, including fixing washing machine drain hoses.

In this article, we'll take you through a step-by-step guide on how to repair a washing machine drain hose, especially if you live in Cumbria or any other location in the North West of England, which also extends to areas outside of Cumbria.

Hose Connection

The first step in repairing a washing machine drain hose is to inspect the hose connection. You must turn off your washing machine and then unplug it from the electrical supply. Next, locate the hose that connects the washing machine to the drain.

Make sure that the hose is not tangled or kinked. Often, washing machine cycle errors can be a result of a loose or disconnected hose connection. So, ensure that the connection is secure.

Loose Hose

If you find that the hose is loose, using a pair of pliers, gently tighten the connection. It's important not to overtighten as this might damage the connection.

Cycles Suspect

If your machine continues to show cycles suspect, meaning it's not draining properly, the hose might be disconnected. To fix this, locate the hose that connects your machine to the drain and check it for proper connection.

Disconnected Hose

If the hose is disconnected, you'll need to place a bucket underneath the hose to collect any water. Next, use a pair of pliers to unscrew the clamp that's holding the hose to the washing machine. You can then pull the hose off the washing machine and inspect for damage.

If the hose is damaged or has cracks, you may need to purchase a replacement. However, if the hose is undamaged, you'll need to reattach the hose to the washing machine.

Water Leaks

If you notice water leaks from the hose, you may have a leak. To identify the leak, inspect the hose from where the leak is coming. If you can't see the leak, you can try feeling the hose to find out where the water is coming from.

Drain Hose

Once you've identified the leak, you need to fix it. First, place a bucket underneath the hose to catch any water that may spill out. You'll then need to unscrew the clamp that's holding the hose to the washing machine.


Next, you'll need to dismantle the washing machine to access the back panel. To do this, locate the screws at the back panel of your washing machine, remove them, and carefully remove the panel.


Once you've accessed the washer, inspect the back panel and the hose connection for signs of damage or wear.


If you notice any signs of damage or wear, you'll need to purchase a replacement hose.


Next, reattach the new hose to the washing machine and use the clamps to secure it in place. You'll then need to reattach the back panel and screw it back into place.

Get Help

If you find this process too complicated, don't hesitate to call Drainage Cumbria. Our team of experts will quickly and efficiently fix your washing machine hose, leaving your washing machine working as good as new.

Leaking Hose

In some cases, you might notice that the hose is leaking from the joint or connection of the water hose. This can be fixed by tightening the connection using pliers. However, if the connection is still leaking, you might need to replace the connection.

Washing Machine Problems

If you notice other washing machine problems, such as the machine not working correctly or worse, not draining, there might be a bigger issue. In some cases, trying to fix it yourself might make the problem worse.

Worse Attempt

It can be tempting to attempt to fix it yourself, but doing so may result in more severe problems. Instead, get the help of Drainage Cumbria's experts. We have the necessary skills and experience to identify and fix any washing machine problem efficiently.

Actually Won't Drain

In some cases, the machine actually won't drain. This problem can be caused by a clogged hose. Luckily, the solution to this issue is easy. Disconnect the hose and clean it out using hot water or a wire brush.


If the hose has been damaged or develops cracks, it's advisable to replace it. A damaged hose will continue to leak and cause more significant problems that might require more time and expenses to fix.

Water Hose

If your washing machine's hot or cold water connection is leaking, turn off your water supply and check the connection. You might need to tighten the connection using pliers. If this does not work, it's best to get the help of Drainage Cumbria's professional team.


In conclusion, dealing with a leaking washing machine drain hose is no walk in the park. However, with the right tools and expertise, you can quickly fix the issue. Don't hesitate to contact Drainage Cumbria if you live in Cumbria or its neighboring regions in the North West of England for quality washing machine repair services. Call us on 01228 734162 or email us at [email protected].

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